Nicolas Trudgian

Nicolas Trudgian

Nicolas Trudgian – aviation, transport and landscape artist It is said that we are fashioned by our earliest influences so it's little surprise that an artist destined to become well known in the field of military and transport art should grow up in a city like Plymouth, England. Famous for being the harbour from which the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America and, for centuries, home to the vast Royal Naval dockyards at Devonport, this was a vibrant place for a youngster where there was always something to see, be it planes and trains, aircraft carriers and submarines or tanks and helicopters.

His liking for trains was no doubt fostered by the fact that the house in which he was born in1959 was just yards from a railway line still worked by steam locomotives. Of the many aircraft to see he fondly remembers the Shackletons droning overhead looking much like Lancasters and also the Navy jets which scorched across the city. His father, who had served with the RAF in North Africa during the Second World War, worked in the dockyard and at the annual 'Navy Days' he was able to show Nick over the huge ships and ride on the lifts in aircraft carriers to the hangar decks teeming with those first generation jet aircraft.

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A Summer For Heroes by Nicolas TrudgianA Summer For Heroes

A Tribute To Grumpy by Nicolas Trudgian

A Tribute To Grumpy

Achtung Spitfire by Nicolas Trudgian

Achtung Spitfire

American Dambuster by Nicolas TrudgianAmerican Dambuster

At the going down of the Sun by Nicolas TrudgianAt the going down of the Sun

Avro Lancaster by Nicolas Trudgian

Avro Lancaster

B Flight Scramble by Nicolas TrudgianB Flight Scramble

Beating Up Bodney by Nicolas Trudgian

Beating Up Bodney

Bombers Moon by Nicolas TrudgianBombers Moon

California Cutie by Nicolas TrudgianCalifornia Cutie

Churchills Advance by Nicolas TrudgianChurchills Advance

Churchill's Few by Nicolas TrudgianChurchill's Few

Combat Over The Capital by Nicolas TrudgianCombat over the Capital

Crossing the Epping Road by Nicolas Trudgian

Crossing the Epping Road

Dangerous Moonlight by Nicolas TrudgianDangerous Moonlight

Defence of London by Nicolas TrudgianDefence of London

En-route to the Bielefeld Viaduct by Nicolas TrudgianEn-route to the Bielefeld Viaduct

Eric Rudorffer Tribute

Fast Company

Five in One Day by Nicolas Trudgian

Five in One Day

For King And Country by Nicolas Trudgian

For King And Country

Fortress Malta by Nicolas Trudgian

Fortress Malta

From Dusk Till Dawn by Nicolas Trudgian

From Dusk Till Dawn

Greenheart Warriors by Nicolas TrudgianGreenheart Warriors

Heia Safari by Nicolas TrudgianHeia Safari

High Summer High Battle by Nicolas TrudgianHigh Summer High Battle

Homeward Bound by Nicolas Trudgian

Homeward Bound

Hornchurch Wing by Nicolas Trudgian

Hornchurch Wing

Ice Warriors by Nicolas TrudgianIce Warriors

In Defence of the Reich by Nicolas TrudgianIn Defence of the Reich

Into The Heat Of The Battle by Nicolas TrudgianInto The Heat Of The Battle

King Of The Strafers by Nicolas TrudgianKing Of The Strafers

London Pride by Nicolas TrudgianLondon Pride

New Arrivals At Scampton by Nicolas Trudgian

New Arrivals At Scampton

Operation Catechism by Nicolas TrudgianOperation Catechism

Peiper's Last Advance

Phantom of the Ruhr by Nicolas TrudgianPhantom of the Ruhr

Pin-Point Marking by Nicolas TrudgianPin-Point Marking

Raiding the Ruhr by Nicolas TrudgianRaiding the Ruhr

Readiness at Dawn by Nicolas Trudgian

Readiness at Dawn

Retribution by Nicolas Trudgian


Sea Wolves by Nicolas TrudgianSea Wolves

Slowing the Red Tide by Nicolas TrudgianSlowing the Red Tide

Stalingrad by Nicolas TrudgianStalingrad

Stapme's Final Attack by Nicolas Trudgian

Stapme's Final Attack

Star of Afrika by Nicolas TrudgianStar of Afrika

Storm Force by Nicolas TrudgianStorm Force

Summer of '44 by Nicolas TrudgianSummer of '44

Summer Storm by Nicolas TrudgianSummer Storm

Target London by Nicolas TrudgianTarget London

Tenth Time Lucky by Nicolas TrudgianTenth Time Lucky

The Battle for Asch by Nicolas Trudgian

The Battle for Asch

The Battle for New Years Day by Nicolas TrudgianThe Battle for New Years Day

The Battle of Crete

The Big Guns by Nicolas TrudgianThe Big Guns

The Biggin Hill Wing by Nicolas Trudgian

The Biggin Hill Wing

The Black Widows of Hollandia by Nicolas TrudgianThe Black Widows of Hollandia

The Clash of Eagles by Nicolas TrudgianThe Clash of Eagles

The Cold Front by Nicolas TrudgianThe Cold Front

The Dangerous Road to Bastogne by Nicolas TrudgianThe Dangerous Road to Bastogne

The End of Von Werra by Nicolas Trudgian

The End of Von Werra

The Fastest Victory by Nicolas TrudgianThe Fastest Victory

The Guardian Returns by Nicolas TrudgianThe Guardian Returns

The Mighty Eighth by Nicolas Trudgian

The Mighty Eighth

The Road to Dunkirk by Nicolas TrudgianThe Road to Dunkirk

The Valiant Few by Nicolas TrudgianThe Valiant Few

The White Eagle : A Tribute to Gerhard Barkhorn by Nicolas TrudgianThe White Eagle

To The Victor - The Spoils by Nicolas TrudgianTo The Victor - The Spoils

Winter of '41 by Nicolas TrudgianWinter of '41