Frank Wootton

Frank Wootton OBE

FRANK WOOTTON, as a student studied at Eastbourne College of Art under Eric Ravillious and Reeve-Fowkes, and gained the Travelling Scholarship and Gold Medal.

During the war he was invited by the C-in-C. Allied Air Forces, Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory, to a Special Duty Commission as Official War Artist to the Royal Air Force. In this capacity he saw service in Normandy, India and Burma. The subjects painted during this period are now with the Imperial War Museum and various RAF Command Stations throughout the country. Since the war Frank Wootton had renewed his interest in Landscape painting and paintings of Equestrian subjects and has exhibited at the Royal Academy of ROI and many other galleries. He has travelled extensively around the world carrying out commissions. A large number of his paintings have been purchased for permanent collections and his work has been widely published in international journals, editions for framing and in his books “The Landscape Paintings of Frank Wootton” (1989) and “50 Years of Aviation Art” (1992). He was awarded the O.B.E. in 1995.

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Down on the Farm by Frank WoottonDown on the Farm

Hawker Harts by Frank Wootton

Hawker Harts

Lancaster Bale Out by Frank Wootton

Lancaster Bale Out

Last Combat of the Red Baron by Frank WoottonLast Combat of the Red Baron

Look No Hands by Frank Wootton

Look No Hands

Mosquito by Frank Wootton


Rocket Firing Typhoon's at the Falaise Gap by Frank Wootton

Rocket Firing Typhoon's at the Falaise Gap

Sigh of a Merlin by Frank Wootton

Sigh of a Merlin

Sinking of the Tirpitz by Frank Wootton

Sinking of the Tirpitz

Wing Strike Attack by Frank Wootton

Strike Wing Attack

The Last of the First by Frank Wootton

The Last of the First

Top Cover by Frank Wootton

Top Cover