Painted Wings by Robin Smith


Painted Wings By Robin Smith

We are very pleased to announce the long awaited aviation art book from Robin.

I was so impressed that we decided to produce a very exclusive limited edition with the original signatures of no less than 21 Gallant Air Crew that served with the RAF and American 8th Air Force.

The Signatories Are:

Royal Air Force

Wing Commander Dick Summers OBE AFC Battle Of Britain
Squadron Leader Tony Iveson DfC AE Battle Of Britain And Bomber Command
Flight Lieutenant Jack Biggs Hurricane Pilot With 17 Squadron (Calcutta)
Flight Lieutenant Peter Green Bomber Command
Warrant Officer Ted Cashard Bomber Command
Wing Commander Douglas Oxby DSO DFC DFM* Ace Highest Scoring Allied Night Fighter Navigator
Wing Commander Tom Neil, DFC*, DFC, AE Battle Of Britain Ace
Flight Lieutenant Max Berry DFM Bomber Command
Flight Lieutenant M Oakley Rcaf Bomber Command
Flight Lieutenant Jack Lineaker Bomber Command
Squadron Leader Nigel Rose AE Battle Of Britain
Leading Signalman H L Flower Battle Of Britain
Warrant Officer Harry Irons DFC Bomber Command
Flight Lieutenant Cliff Caley Bomber Command
Wing Commander Bob Foster DFC Battle Of Britain

8th Air Force

Major Alden P Rigby Silver Star Air Medal (7 0lc) Duc - P51 Ace
Major Don Strait DSC Silver Star Legion Of Merit - P51 Ace
1st Lieutenant Stanley Caulkins Radio Operator
1st Lieutenant Alfred Dizerea B24n-Privateer
Colonel Barney Nolan DFC B24 And B17's 487th Bomb Group
1st Lieutenant Bob Beatson Navigator B24's 392nd Bomb Group

£95 + postage and packing

We are over half way sold out already!

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