Honour Restored by Peter BrownSignatures

Honour Restored
Squadron Leader Peter Brown AFC

Signed bookplate by
Peter Brown, Peter Olver, Bob Beardsley, Cyril Bamberger,
A C ‘Joe’ Leigh, Percy Morfill, Tom Draper-Williams,
Archie Winskill, Tadeusz, James Renvoize

Hard Back

£95.00 + postage and packing

Honour Restored by Peter Brown

Squadron Leader Peter Brown AFC

Personally signed in the book by
Geoff Knutkins (artist who illustrated the front cover)
Peter Brown
Ken Wilkinson
Len Davies
keith Lawrence
Stan Duff
Cyril Bamberger
Richard Haine
Tony Iveson 
B G Stapleton

£75 + postage and packing

Signed by
Squadron Leader Peter Brown AFC 41 Squadron

£40.00 + postage and packing

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