Heroic Endeavour by Sean FeastBookplate

Sean Feast

Bookplate 2/30 signed by:
Air Vice Marshall Don Bennett,
Jack Watson 156 Squadron, Don Briggs 156 Squadron
Walter Kerry 156 Squadron, Harold Hernaman 156 Squadron
Rupert Noye 156 Squadron, Colin Follitt 156 Squadron
Trevor Timperley 156 Squadron, George Batten 156 Squadron
John Chapman 156 Squadron, John Sullivan 156 Squadron
Charles Dee 156 Squadron, Doug Reed 156 Squadron
Peter Robertson 156 Squadron, John Tipton 109 Squadron
Reg Cann 582 Squadron, Bill Heane 582 Squadron
Bob Pearce 582 Squadron, Tom Williamson 35 Squadron
Tom Thomas 109 Squadron, Roy Last 582 Squadron
Ron Jeffries 109 Squadron

Also signed in the book by Sean Feast

£85 + postage and packing

Heroic Endeavour by Sean FeastSignatures

Sean Feast

Signed by the author and 8 Pathfinder Veterans at the launch

£50 + postage and packing

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