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Hello and welcome to Vector Fine Art Prints. Here you will find a wide selection of Aviation Art prints by renowned artist's such as Frank Wootton, Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian, Gil Cohen, John Shaw, Michael Turner and Ron Stark.

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We are very proud to announce, we have come into the possession of the remaining stock of the late Frank Wootton's works, he is regarded as the father of Aviation Art and am proud to say that he was a true friend who also introduced me to the aviation art business.

Lancaster Bale Out by Frank Wootton

Lancaster Bale Out
By Frank Wootton OBE

This print is a limited edition of 850 worldwide and was published in aid of the Caterpillar club and the Bomber Command Museum in 1984,
it is signed by Norman Jackson VC and Bill Reid VC.

Dimensions: 23" x 15" unframed

£150.00 + postage and packing

Last Combat of the Red Baron by Frank Wootton

Last Combat of the Red Baron
By Frank Wootton OBE

This print is a limited edition of 850 worldwide and was published in 1993 by Greenwich workshop
Signed by the artist Frank Wootton OBE

Dimensions: 19.25" x 28" unframed

£125 + postage and packing

Down on the Farm by Frank Wootton

Down on the Farm
by Frank Wottoon OBE

This was the first print that Vector co-published with Frank.
This print is a limited edition of 1000 worldwide
Signed by Frank Wootton OBE and
Wing Commander Bob Doe DSO DFC

Dimensions: 29.5" x 23" unframed

We are able to offer this at the original issue price from 1990 at
£110 + postage and packing

Wounded Aboard by Gil Cohen

We are at an Eighth Air Force base somewhere in England, it is late Autumn 1944. After a dreary day of rain, the clouds break and the atmosphere is suddenly bathed in sunlight. In the foreground mechanics are performing maintenance work on the B-17, Kayo Katy II , when in the distance, the sound can be heard of a multitude of Wasp Cyclone engines. The mechanics momentarily cease their tasks and look up. Overhead, Fortresses are returning home from a brutal mission, bombing industrial targets in Nazi Germany. The immediate thoughts of the ground crew are: ‘How many of our guys made it back?’ They start counting planes. ‘There’s a Pathfinder ship – she’s in trouble and dropping flares – wounded aboard!’ A similar scenario is played out on so many air bases in England during the four long years of war.

Wounded Aboard
Gil Cohen

This stunning print is signed and numbered by the artist, and countersigned by:
Capt. James E. Seamans, a pilot with the 100th BG, Eighth Air Force who, with his crew, completed thirty missions over Germany.
His awards are: Distinguished Flying Cross with 5 Clusters, Air Medal with 5 Clusters, ETO Ribbon with 5 Battle Stars

£135 + postage and packing

Overall Size: 32”x22” Image Size: 27”x17”

Geoffrey page Signature

Superb bookplate signed in pencil by
Wing Commander Geoffrey Page DSO OBE DFC

£25 + postage and packing

Only 10 available - one per person

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