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27 November, 2015

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Celebrating 25 Years

This yearare very proud to have been in the Aviation and Signed book business for
25 years.
We have been on the air show circuit hosting signing events and raising many thousands of pounds for
RAF Charities over the years.
This year we will be exhibiting and producing some very collectable items to coincide with this milestone in our business.
We have been very honoured to have been associated with some of the most historical aviation aircrew from the Second World War.
Here's looking forward to seeing you all as the air show season approaches us.


Hello and welcome to Vector Fine Art Prints. Here you will find a wide selection of Aviation Art prints by renowned artist's such as Frank Wootton, Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian, Gil Cohen, John Shaw, Michael Turner, Richard Taylor and Ron Stark.

The choice of signed books is second to none and is so extensive that nowhere else can match it online.
We specialize in limited edition bookplates and take part in several book launches throughout the year.
For our forthcoming calendar visit the special events page.

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Colin and Rose

Christmas promotion

As a thank you for your continued support Vector would like to offer free postage and packing on all orders over £50, from now until 23rd December.

Great Escaper by Louise WilliamsBookplate

John 'Willy' Williams was a medical student and passionate surfer turned Squadron Leader and Second World War ace. In the Australian tradition, he insisted on fighting his war in non-regulation attire and led his squadron into air combat over Libya and Egypt dressed in sandals and shorts. Shot down in the Western Desert in 1942, he ended up a POW in Stalag Luft III near the German–Polish border. John was among the seventy-six POWs who tunnelled their way out of the supposedly escape-proof camp under the Germans' noses in what later became famous as the Great Escape. John and former schoolmate Reg 'Rusty' Keirath, together with two other POWs, made it to Czechoslovakia and were captured by the Gestapo. Hitler was so enraged by the Great Escape that he personally ordered the secret execution of fifty of the seventy-three captured men, in flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention. John, Rusty and their two friends were driven by the Gestapo deep into the forest near the town of Most and shot; John was just twenty-four years old. Despite the later war crimes investigation into the Great Escape murders, no one was ever brought to justice for the murders of the Most Four. John’s niece Louise Williams has pieced together his life, from his upbringing in the Depression to his exploits in the air and the missing details of the tragic escape. It is a powerful and intimate story of one of the most dramatic episodes of World War II. -

As a tribute to all the airmen who participated in the the Great Escape, we have produced a bookplate signed by Fighter command and Bomber Command Air crew of which 8 were POW's, including 2 that got out of the tunnel in the Great Escape.

Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Lallemant DFC* Officer Commanding 609 Squadron
Pilot Officer Jan Mathys 609 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Albert Le Force 609 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Jean DeBrun 609 Squadron
Squadron Leader Iain Hutchinson 222 Squadron Battle of Britain
Squadron Leader Rick Dupre 609 Squadron
Squadron Leader Jimmy James MC POW No. 39 out of the Tunnel in the Great Escape
Pilot Officer John Morrison 35 Squadron POW 30th March 1942 whilst attacking the Tirptitz

Squadron Leader Peter Brown AFC 41 Squadron Battle of Britain
Flight Sergeant Harry Cross DFC DFM 35 Squadron Bomber Command POW 20th February 1944
Flight Lieutenant Nigel Kemp DFC 242 Squadron Battle of Britain
Squadron Leader Tex Ash MBE POW in Stalag Luft lll (the cooler king)
Squadron Leader Stan Duff DFC 23 Squadron Battle of Britain
Flight Sergeant Harold Bennett 603 Squadron POW
Wing Commander Bill Stapleton CBE 41 Squadron, one of the first POW's of Fighter command
Wing Commander Peter Olver DFC 603 Squadron Battle of Britain POW

Flight Lieutenant Leslie Valentine 88 Squadron (drop smoke screen along the beaches on D-Day)
Squadron Leader Neville Duke DSO OBR DFC** AFC 92 Squadron
Flight Sergeant Stan Bradford DFM Bomber Command Ace
Squadron Leader Dick Churchill POW No 63 out of the tunnel in the Great Escape

This is a Limited edition of only 15 worldwide

£125 + postage & packing

For God and Country by Gil Cohen

For God and Country
Gil Cohen

Victory Edition

The print has been signed by
Fred Trenck 441st TCG
Bob Noody 101st airborne
George Lichter 361st FG
Brad Freeman 101st airborne
Bud Berry 439th TCG
Ed Tipper 101st airborne
Buck Compton 101st airborne
Earl McClung 101st airborne

Price £260 + postage and packing

Advance to Victory
Nicolas Trudgian

Victory Edition

Signed by
Earl McClung,
Clancy Lyall, Ed Tipper,
Chet Harrington,
Pete Peterson, Ed Bernat

Price £200 + postage and packing

Heia Safari
The Afrikakorps
Nicolas Trudgian

Panzer Edition

Signed by fourteen Knights Cross holders
Willi Bachor, Otto Carius, Gerhard Fischer,
Heinz-Gunther Guderain,
Gunther Halm, Hajo Herrmann, Albert Kerscher, Franz Kieslich,
Hans Kohn, Norbert Kujacinski, Wilhelm Noller, Erich Rudorffer, Otto Schultz, Gunter Seeger

Price £325 + postage and packing

Defenders of Bastogne
Nicolas Trudgian

Victory edition

Signed by Earl McClung
Brad Freeman
Clarence Smoyer
Ken Glemby
Les Underwood
Clarence Smoyer

Price £260 + postage and packing

Into the Night
Matt Hall

Victory Edition

Signed by
Les Cruise 82nd airborne
Fred Trenck 441st TCG
Clancy Lyall 101st airborne
Don Jakeway 82nd airborne
Earl McClung 101st airborne
Ed Tipper 101st airborne

Price £260 + postage and packing

Vector Fine Art PrintsExhibiting at Duxford for 25 YearsDuxford 1990Duxford 1990
1990 This is where it all started, we set up trading at Duxford and Flight Lieutenant Anderson popped in to wish us good luck, he was a Battle of Britain pilot flying Blenheims

Duxford 1991
At the start of 1991 we began to expand  the business needing more and more room to exhibit our ever growing range of prints.

Duxford 1992
This was taken from the back of our van with the enormous crowds that would gather

Duxford 1994Duxford 1994This was our first major launch in 1994 which was Air Combat paintings volume 2 by Robert Taylor, with us was Sir Ivor Broom and
A V M 'Birdy' Wilson, we blocked the isle twice with queues.
On the Saturday evening we had to drive and pick up more stock of the books.

Duxford 1995
Colin is seen here getting a signature from Flight Lieutenant Bill Reid VC

Duxford 1995
In 1995 Robert Taylor joined us for the Flying legends air show seen here with Group Captain John Cunningham

Duxford 1996
1996 -  can't believe that Pete and Phil all these years later are still our closest friends.

Steak and Beer
The end of a hard day – steak and beer!

Duxford 1996
What a line up of Battle of Britain pilots, Dennis David, Peter Parrott, 'Birdy' Wilson, Raymond Puda

Duxford 1996
1996 The launch of Robert Taylor's Air Combat Paintings book Volume III with Roland Beamont and Johnnie Johnson

Duxford 1997Duxford 19971997 at Duxford with our dear friend Nicolas Trudgian and Dennis David

Duxford 1997
Duxford 1997
Our two daughters sitting in the cockpit of the Messerschmitt 109, perks of the job!

Duxford 1998Duxford 1998Over the years Vector have hosted some of the worlds most famous Battle of Britain pilots and become friends with so many. With their help we have managed to raise enormous sums of money for they charities.

Duxford 1998Duxford 1998
We hosted our dear friend Nicolas Trudgian's first book launch with Dennis David and Gunther Rall 

Colin with Gil Cohen and Nicolas Trudgian

We have also been honoured to have Gil and Alice attend Duxford producing many great works of art, we have truly become good friends over the years.

Colin and 'the old chap'
Colin with his biggest supporter and best friend 'the old chap'
Sadly at the end of last year he passed away, but still looking down telling me where to hang the pictures.

Reminiscing a small piece of Vector's history.

Duxford 2015 tyhe Signing queueDuxford 2015 Veterans signing

Duxford 2015 - Another successful signing event!

Duxford 2015 Annabelle and the veteransDuxford 2015 The family celebrating 25 years

The next generation! Not many two year olds can say they met Battle of Britain veterans.

VE Day Anniversary Air Show
Saturday 23rd May and Sunday 24th May 2015

At the Duxford Air Show we will be celebrating our 25th year of exhibitions of signed aviation art by the world's leading aviation artists and signed aviation books.
Please come along and join us Saturday morning, where we will be hosting some of the 'Few'.

We have an extensive range of signed rare prints and books.

On Saturday morning we were very honoured to have Four Battle of Britain air crew with us signing for their charity.

Wing Commander Terry Kane
Flight Lieutenant Tony Pickering
Flight Lieutenant Terry Clark DFM AE
Flying Officer Ken Wilkinson

I am very sorry to say that we had a call from our great friend Tom Neil to say he was unable to come to Duxford as he is feeling a bit under the weather, he wishes everybody the very best with this fund-raising event.

We raised £1005 
Thank you to you all for the support

This is the only Duxford event that the Battle of Britain aircrew will be signing at, as the Flying legends and the Battle of Britain air show in September clash with official engagements to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Footnote: Check out the updated books page too!

A Very Proud Moment

On Thursday 26th March 2015, six members of the Few, Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum, Wing Commander Tom Neil, Wing Commander Paul Farnes, Squadron Leader Tony Pickering, Flying Officer Ken Wilkinson and Flight Lieutenant Owen Burns were on hand as Her Majesty The Queen unveiled The Wing, the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust’s visitor and education centre at Capel-le-Ferne.

HM The Queen meeting Paul farnes and Tony Pickering
Her Majesty The Queen meeting Paul Farnes and Tony Pickering
HM The Queen with Colin and other members of the trustee's at the opening of The Wing
Her Majesty The Queen talking with Colin and other Trustee's

The Wing Capel-le-Ferne

Maintained by the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, the site at Capel-le-Ferne is dedicated to Churchill’s famous “Few” who fought in the skies overhead to keep this country free from invasion.

The Memorial itself inspires quiet reflection on the bravery and sacrifice shown by the aircrew – fewer than 3,000 men – who flew, fought and sometimes died in probably the most crucial battle fought by this country in the whole of the 20th century.

The Christopher Foxley-Norris Memorial Wall lists the names of all those who took part in the Battle of Britain, while a replica Spitfire and Hurricane stand nearby as a reminder of the iconic machines they flew to victory.

The high-tech, multi-media Scramble Experience gives people a taste of what life was like to be one of the Few in 1940, while the Geoffrey Page Centre has been designed as a learning environment that is now available to schools.

The Memorial itself is free to visit and can be accessed on foot all day, every day. The car park and the Wing, including The Scramble Experience, open from 10 am every day and close at 4pm from 1 October to 28 February, at 5pm from March to the end of May and then at 6pm through to the end of September. There is a charge for The Scramble Experience.


A proud family around the unveiling plaque

We have been proud supporters and fundraisers for the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust since 1992. We have raised large sums of money through signing events and auctions over the years.

Please visit
Thank you for your continued support

Memorial TreePlaque

This tree was planted at the National Arboretum with the monies collected from Duxford Air show.
Thank you for your support

I would just like to keep you all up to date, that the monies raised last year and May of this year have contributed into purchasing this stunning Sector Clock which has been restored and is now in place at
Capel-le-Ferne honouring our great friend Wing Commander Bob Foster.
We would like to thank everybody who contributed at the signing events it is nice to see all the funds that were given have gone to something so worthwhile.

Sector Clock MemorialSector Clock Memorial