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27 March, 2015

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Celebrating 25 Years

This yearare very proud to have been in the Aviation and Signed book business for
25 years.
We have been on the air show circuit hosting signing events and raising many thousands of pounds for
RAF Charities over the years.
This year we will be exhibiting and producing some very collectable items to coincide with this milestone in our business.
We have been very honoured to have been associated with some of the most historical aviation aircrew from the Second World War.
Here's looking forward to seeing you all as the air show season approaches us.


Hello and welcome to Vector Fine Art Prints. Here you will find a wide selection of Aviation Art prints by renowned artist's such as Frank Wootton, Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian, Gil Cohen, John Shaw, Michael Turner, Richard Taylor and Ron Stark.

The choice of signed books is second to none and is so extensive that nowhere else can match it online.
We specialize in limited edition bookplates and take part in several book launches throughout the year.
For our forthcoming calendar visit the special events page.

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Colin and Rose

Check out our books page recently updated 27th March 2015

Please note: The forthcoming third edition of the " Men of the Battle of Britain" is due to be released and coincide with the opening of 'The Wing' at Capel - le - Ferne,  June 2015. Once again a lot more info of pilots have come to light.
I know that I have been saying it for a long time but it will be well worth the wait!

Also check out the recently updated print pages

The Battle of Britain Then and Nowbookplate


First published to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, After the Battle ploughed an entirely fresh furrow across this legendary field of human conflict to produce a book which has now come to be regarded as a memorial in itself to 'The Few'. Never before has such detailed coverage been given to the losses of either the Royal Air Force or the Luftwaffe. The graves of RAF aircrew that were killed have been listed, visited by the editorial team and photographed as a complete and lasting record of those that died. The pilots, their memorials, crashes and crash sites, and the aircraft that have survived are profusely illustrated. Twenty of the most famous fighter aerodromes have been explored and described as they were at the time and as they are today. Also included is a complete listing of 'The Few' — more than twenty-five years' work by the late John Holloway.

I only have two available with the signatures of no less than 27 of the Few.

Pete Brothers, Vic Bergman, Bob Doe, David Denchfield, Norman Brown, Roger Morrwood, Luiz Flower, Bob Foster, Trevor Gray, Tony Iveson, Ken Wilkinson, Terry Clark, Jimmy Corbin, John Gard'ner Mike Croskell, Peter Hairs, Paul Farnes, Tony Pickering, Alex Thom, Nigel Rose, Tom Neil, Bill Green, Johns Ellacombe, Geoffrey Wellum, William Walker, Terence Kane, Len Davies

This comes in a purpose built slipcase to protect this superb book

£225 + postage and packing

Aerodromes of Fighter Command Then and NowBookplate

Aerodromes of Fighter Command
Then and Now

RAF Fighter Command was established in July 1936 to provide the airborne element in the defence of Britain against air attack. The aerodromes under the Command described in this book came under the control of several Groups: No. 9 in the west, No. 10 covering the
south-west, No. 11 in the south-east, No. 12 on the eastern side of the country, and Nos. 13 and 14 protecting the extreme north.

In this volume the activities of over 90 airfields are described and illustrated in our ‘then and now’ theme, both on the ground and from above. Many, having served their purpose, have returned to farmland leaving only odd vestiges to recall their former role as
front-line fighter stations. Others have succumbed to the encroachment of housing or industry or even been totally expunged from the map through mining activities.

On the other hand, a number have continued to be used as airfields, either for sport or business flying, and some continue as major airports with modern facilities. Sadly the post-war years have witnessed the slow decline of the RAF presence at so many of their former bases, two having closed during our research for this book. And some have found a new lease of life with the Army . . . or even the Ministry of Justice!

All came into their own during the six years of war and the scars from that battle are still evident if one cares to look. Mouldering buildings from the former era remain as poignant reminders of the airmen and women who once habited them . . . now standing
almost as memorials to the thousands who never came through. This is their story.

Vector Fine Art are very proud to announce a superb limited edition of only 10 copies worldwide
With the original signatures of no fewer than Twelve Fighter pilots from the Second World War

This comes with a purpose built slipcase

£125 + postage and packing

This is the year of the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain
and we are proud to release this part of the edition by one of
the world renown aviation artist Nicolas Trudgian

Five in One Day by Nicolas Trudgian

Five in one Day
Nicolas Trudgian

Artist proof

A limited edition of 40 worldwide, this was retained to help raise funds for the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust
This incredible print was signed several years ago with no less than 21 Battle of Britain aircrew 

Wing Commander Paul Farnes DFM
Squadron Leader Gerald Stapleton DFC
Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum DFC
Flight Lieutenant William Walker AE
Wing Commander Tom Neil DFC* AFC
Flying Officer Ken Wilkinson
Flight Sergeant John Keatings
Wing Commander Bob Foster DFC
Squadron Leader Michael Wainwright AFC
Squadron Leader Nigel Rose
Wing Commander Terence Kane
Air Commodore John Ellacombe CB DFC*
Wing Commander Richard Summers OBE Ostj AFM
Flight Lieutenant Trevor Gray
Flight Lieutenant Owen Burns
Leading Signalman Herbert Flower
Flight Lieutenant Len Davies
Group Captain Byron Duckenfield AFC
Squadron Leader Jocelyn Millard
Squadron Leader Tony Iveson DFC AE
Squadron Leader Tony Pickering

For the first 20 orders your print will also be signed by:
Squadron Leader Graham Leggett

Sadly Graham was unable to sign the whole edition but wanted to try.

£145 + postage and packing

Memorial Flight by Robert Taylor


Signed by the following Battle of Britain and Bomber Command Aircrew

The Battle of Britain Signatures:

Group Captain John Peel DSO DFC O/C 145 Sqn
Group Captain Frank Carey CBE DFC DFM 43 Sqn
Flight Lieutenant Gordon Batt 238 Sqn
Group Captain Tom Gleave CBE O/C 253 Sqn
Air Commodore John Thompson CBE DSO DFC O/C 111 Sqn
Commander Ronald Hay DSO DSC 808 Sqn, FAA
Squadron Leader Vernon Simmonds 238 Sqn
Wing Commander Pat Hancock OBE DFC 1 Sqn
Squadron Leader Henryk Szczesny DFC 74 Sqn
Wing Commander Gordon Sinclair OBE DFC 310 Sqn
Group Captain George Darley DSO O/C 609 Sqn
Squadron Leader Donald Stones DFC 79 Sqn
Squadron Leader Peter Down 56 Sqn
Wing Commander Michael Ingle-Finch DFC 151, 607, 56 Sqn
Wing Commander Geoffrey Page DSO OBE DFC 56 Sqn
Wing Commander Peter Parrott DFC AFC 145,605 Sqn
Wing Commander Michael Constable-Maxwell DSO DFC 56 Sqn
Squadron Leader Boleslaw Drobinski DFC 65 Sqn
Flight Lieutenant Arnold Lauder 264 Sqn
Flight Lieutenant Fred Gash DFM 264 Sqn
Wing Commander Archibald McNeill-Boyd DSO DFC 600 Sqn
Group Captain Brian Kingcome DSO DFC 92 Sqn
Squadron Leader Cyril Bamberger DFC  41,610 Sqn
Wing Commander Robert Foster DFC 605 Sqn
Air Commodore Robert Deacon Elliott DFC 72 Sqn
Wing Commander William Gregory DSO DFC DFM 29 Sqn
Group Captain Desmond Sheen DFC 72 Sqn
Wing Commander Harbourne Stephen DSO DFC 74 Sqn
Air Vice Marshal Harold Bird-Wilson CBE DSO DFC AFC 17 Sqn
Wing Commander George Unwin DSO DFM 19 Sqn
Air Commodore Peter Brothers DSO CBE DFC 32 Sqn
Wing Commander John Kilmartin OBE DFC 43 Sqn
Squadron Leader John Gibson DSO DFC 501 Sqn
Squadron Leader Ben Bennions DFC 41 Sqn
Wing Commander Joe Kyall DSO DFCO/C 615 Sqn
Squadron Leader Lionel Casson DFC AFC 616 Sqn
Flight Lieutenant James Renvoize 247 Sqn
Alex Henshaw MBE Spitfire test pilot)
Group Captain Peter Townsend DSO DFC O/C 85 Sqn
Squadron Leader Frank Usmar 41 Sqn
Wing Commander Wilfred Sizer DFC 213 Sqn
Flight Lieutenant Raymond Homes 504 Sqn
Squadron Leader Charlton Haw DFC DFM504 Sqn
Wing Commander Robert Doe DSO DFC 234, 238 Sqn
Squadron Leader Dennis Armitage DFC 266 Sqn
Wing Commander Douglas Grice DFC MBE 32 Sqn
Air Commodore Donald Macdonell CB DFC O/C 64 Sqn
Squadron Leader Hugh Heron AFC 266, 66 Sqn
Wing Commander Roland Beamont  DSO CBE DFC 87 Sqn
Wing Commander Bernard Jennings DFM 19 Sqn
Group Captain Dennis David CBE DFC AFC 87 Sqn
Wing Commander James Sanders DFC 615, O/C 422 Flt.
Wing Commander Ronald Kellett DFC 249 O/C 303 Sqn
Air Vice Marshal George Chamberlain CB OBE FIU
Air Vice Marshal Alexander Johnstone CB DFC O/C 602 Sqn
Flight Lieutenant Denis Robinson 152 Sqn
Air Chief Marshal Christopher Foxley-Norris GCB KCB DSO CB OBE 3 Sqn
Wing Commander Tom Neil DFC AFC AFM 249 Sqn
Wing Commander Ivor Cosby DFC 610, 72, 222 Sqn
Wing Commander Frederick Higginson OBE DFC DFM 56 Sqn
Wing Commander Robert Stanford-Tuck DSO DFC 92, O/C 257 Sqn
Squadron Leader John Urwin-Mann DFC 238 Sqn
Air Marshal Denis Crowley-MillingKCB CBE DSO DFC 242 Sqn
Air Commodore Paul Webb CBE DFC 602 Sqn
Air Vice Marshal Edward Crew CB DSO DFC 604 Sqn
Group Captain John Hill CBE O/C 222 Sqn
Wing Commander Hugh Kennard DFC 66 Sqn
Squadron Leader Arthur Pond AFC 601 Sqn
Wing Commander Timothy Vigors DFC 222 Sqn
Squadron Leader Percy Morfill DFM 501 Sqn
Wing Commander Paul Farnes DFM 501 Sqn
Wing Commander James Storrar DFC 145, 73, 421 FLT
Group Captain Alec Ingle DFC AFC 605 Sqn
Wing Commander Christopher Currant DSO DFC 605 Sqn
Air Commodore Ronald Berry CBE DSO OBE DFC 603 Sqn
Flight Lieutenant Robert Carr-Lewty AFC 41 Sqn
Air Commodore James Leathart DSO O/C 54 Sqn
Group Captain Allan Wright DFC 92 Sqn
Squadron Leader John Bentley-Beard DFM AFC 249 Sqn
Group Captain John Cunningham DSO DFC 604 Sqn
Flying Officer Croskell 213 Sqn
Wing Commander Thomas Hayes 600 Sqn
Group Captain John Bisdee OBE DFC 609 Sqn
Wing Commander Patrick Barthropp DFC AFC 602 Sqn
Group Captain Peter Simpson DFC 64, 111 Sqn
Group Captain Hugh Dundas CBE DSO DFC 616 Sqn
Air Commodore Roderick Chisholm DSO DFC 604 Sqn
Air Commodore Archie Winskill KCVO CBE DFC 72, 603 Sqn
Commander Richard Gardner DSC OBE 242 Sqn
Group Captain Irving Smith CBE OBE DFC 151 Sqn
Air Vice Marshal Johnnie Johnson CB CBE DSO DFC

Signed by the following Bomber Command Aircrew
The original Dambusters signatures:

Sergeant Jim Clay Bomb Aimer AJ-W
Flying Officer Harold Hobday Navigator AJ-N
Sergeant Dudley Heal Navigator AJ-F
Flight Sergeant George Chalmers wireless operator AJ-O
Sergeant Frank Appleby Flight Engineer AJ-W
Sergeant Johnny Johnson Bomb Aimer AJ-T
Sergeant Ray Grayston Flight Engineer AJ-N

Group Captain James Tait DSO DFC  O/C 617 Sqn - Tirpitz
R W Hewitt 617 Sqn
Squadron Leader Benny Goodman 617 Sqn - Tirpitz
Squadron Leader Bob Knights DSO DFC 617 Sqn - Tirpitz

Wing Commander Roderick Learoyd VC
Warrant Officer Norman Jackson VC
Group Captain Hamish Mahaddie DSO DFC  7 Sqn – Pathfinder

Colin has framed this to his usual high standards with an original wartime set of pilot wings, bombardier wings, navigator wings, air-gunner wings and radio operator wings.

All these are guaranteed original wartime.

Footnote: Check out the updated books page too!

Memorial TreePlaque

This tree was planted at the National Arboretum with the monies collected from Duxford Air show.
Thank  you for your support

Site Photo Nov 14

The building is now taking shape

Artist impression

The Battle of Britain Memorial TrustThe Wing Appeal

We have been proud supporters and fundraisers for the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust since 1992. We have raised large sums of money through signing events and auctions over the years. On the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain with your help we raised a staggering amount of over £30,000.

In this year Colin was honoured to be nominated to become a Trustee of the trust, the fundraising this year with the trust and the Battle of Britain Fighter Association is going well.

On the 27th October 2011 we were privileged to be helping at the Charity Gala Dinner and Auction held at the RAF Club in aid of ‘The Wing’ appeal on behalf of The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust. The event was held in the presence of HRH Prince Michael of Kent.
We would like to thank everybody for their support, as it raised as staggering £27,000.

On the 18th October 2012 we held another Charity Gala Dinner and Auction, this time raising the amazing amount of £40,000.

At the gala dinner in October 2014, we raised over £29,000.

This is raising funds for the eagerly anticipated ‘The Wing’ education centre at Capel Le Ferne, if you are interested in this project please go to this website for further details
Thank you for your continued support.


The Wing appeal has raised £3.4 million so far.